MEM Element 1.1



 Welcome to the MEM Challenge


 You have 60 minutes to complete 34 questions.

The Emergency Manager must be able to react quickly!

Every question has it's own time limit, if the timer runs out you will automatically move to next question. You will not be able to return to the question.

This exam can be part of the Element 1.1 evidence required before attemting the OPITO OIM CE Assessment and it also serves as a good preparation exercise for both OPITO OIM CE and MEM IR courses.


Good Luck.

In an Emergency, what are 5 possible sources you can obtain, evaluate and confirm information from? (3 minutes)

What type of resources do you have available to you, to support an Emergency on an offshore facility? (3 minutes)

What sources of reference materials do you have available to you in the ECC/CCR to guide you during an Emergency? (3 minutes)

Should you always consider WORST CASE SCENARIO during an Emergency? True or False (2 minute)

What should the OSC develop and share when dealing with an Emergency? This gives a team direction… (2 minute)

What appropriate actions would be taken by the OSC in the event of a Fire in the Process Area? List your first 3 in order of Priority…(3 minutes)

What are 2 key Emergency Response Teams/Resources that are directed and coordinated from the ECC? (2 minute)

Name 2 documents that identify a facilities safe working practices and procedures. (2 minute)

Who should the OSC/Radio Operator inform (that are not on our facility), when we know there is a Major Emergency on our facility? Give 5 examples… (3 minutes)

What are 4 ways we can communicate our Plan to the crew and ER Teams? (3 minutes)

What are 2 ways to maintain a Common Understanding amongst our team in the ECC/CCR? (2 minute)

How and when do you provide regular reports to crew during an Emergency? (3 minutes)

How do we maintain an accurate record of events during an Emergency? Name 2 ways… (2 minute)

What alternative means of communicating with the ERT are available if our primary method (Hand Held Radios) fails us during Emergency? (2 minute)

What actions should be delegated to the Radio Operator when learning of an Emergency? (3 minutes)

Who is best suited to be delegated tasks relating to reporting a Casualties condition? (2 minute)

List 3 basic things we need to consider before delegating a task to a person? (3 minutes)

What is the best Management Style to have in an Emergency? (2 minute)

What is the difference between a Tier 1 & a Tier 2 Emergency situation? (2 minute)

What do you need to do if you recognise a severe weakness in one of your ECC/CCR Team Members? If he is unable to do his job what would you do? (3 minutes)

As the OSC, do you think you need to adopt a ‘Hands On & DO’ approach or a ‘Stand Back & MANAGE’ approach in an Emergency? (2 minute)

What are 3 things that may indicate to you that stress is starting to deteriorate a team members performance? (3 minutes)

How can we lower the workload of a Team Member during an Emergency? Name 2 ways… (3 minutes)

Name 4 techniques or actions that you can take to reduce the stress levels amongst yourself & team in the ECC/CCR? (3 minutes)

What do you think is the purpose of the TIME OUT process? (2 minute)

What is OPITO`s role in industry? (2 minute)

What is the typical make up of personnel in an offshore Incident Management Team & what are their roles & responsibilities? (3 minutes)

What actions need to be completed before abandoning a platform or facility? Name 6 (3 minutes)

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